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Purchasing a home can be intimidating. We work closely with first time home buyers and will guide you through every step of the process to ensure you close on time.
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Delivers What’s Promised
Simple Process
Exceptional Rates
Different Loan Options
Speed of Closing
Client testimonials

Samir and his team were excellent! As first time home buyers we needed someone to "hold our hand" and guide us through the whole process. Even before becoming Samir's clients he ran numbers, told me what we could realistically afford, advised us on how much we could be realistically approved for and calmed our fears or apprehensions about starting the home buying process.
It tooks us 3 months to finally close on a home- which we did just last week. We put in countless offers and Samir was always responsive and quick to provide any and all documents we needed to make an offer- the most nerve-wrecking part of buying a home if you ask me. When you find your dream home and want to snag it up quickly you want someone on your team with the same sense of urgency as you! If I ever had a question, comment, doubt or anything else Samir was there. His customer service is paramount. Everyone in the real estate business should be like him.
If we ever refinance our home I am definitely calling Samir again. I also recommend him to everyone and anyone looking to refinance or buy a home. He is the best!

- Maria Torres    |   
Edison, New Jersey

Working with Sam at SD Capital Funding was both a pleasure and a privilege. Sam and his team were the only real friends we felt we had in the mortgage process. I would give my highest and most heartfelt recommendation for Sam and SD Capital funding based on our experience. you actually feel like they have your best interest in mind, and that in itself is a breath of fresh air and immeasurably valuable to me.
We had more conversations than you could imagine with Sam. Everyone there covered everything with regards to the ins and outs of the mortgage process (we were first time buyers and literally needed our hands held the entire way). They helped us whenever we needed it. From the expected calls about paperwork requests, to the abnormal night before panic "what are we forgetting to bring to the closing" calls at 10pm placed to Sam's cell phone. Someone was always there to answer our calls/emails and help us, and for that we are so very grateful.
I am not sure if our home buying experience was the norm, but we were basically surrounded by people looking to take advantage of us. Luckily this was not the case with Sam. Bottom line, it was a straightforward, friendly, affordable, and helpful experience for us. thanks Sam!

- Drew Greenspan    |   
Jersey City, New Jersey

Extremely accommodating Lender. Jason (from SD Capital) is one heck of a guy, extremely helpful, reachable and understanding. I bought my house in turbulent time of Rate changes where Janet Yellen was about raise a quarter point on Mar 15th and i wanted to lock the rate before that which i did and he got me up and running in 3 days but like, I said, turbulent so, after Mar 15th, rates starting going down rather up and then i approached him again and to my surprise, after locking also, he considered it a special case and got my loan rate down by good number. I was happy but that again, remember the word "turbulent", rates kept on going down with every week and just 10 days before my closing day, I again contacted Jason and asked him if something can be done and again, to my surprise he brought my home loan down by an even bigger number. I can never forget my experience with SD capital and Jason as an agent. I would highly recommend him and SD capital for home buying.
thanks Jason.

- Puneet Madaan    |   
Edison, New Jersey

Jason, Ann Marie and the entire SD Capital Funding team is just awesome.. They were very patient, responsive as well as thorough throughout our process and demonstrated and incredible work ethic.

Highly recommended.

- Abhay Srivastava    |   
Secaucus, New Jersey

Good guys, great service. I worked with Bhavesh from Parsippany office. I highly recommend this firm for your home finance needs.

- Visu Pedada    |   

I just completed helping clients purchase a new home. They elected to go with SD Capital. Samir and his team to obtain a mortgage loan. This is the best mortgage broker I have come across in years. Everything went quickly and smoothly. Samir stayed on top of this loan personally to make sure everything went fine. Well done!!!!

- Gerry Siegel    |   
Plainsboro, New Jersey

We were in good hands working with Samir and Lelia. They made the home buying process super simple. Despite so many complications in our process of buying a home, Samir and Lelia stayed on top of everything and ensured that we were able to close on time and they saved us money!! Thank you so much guys!

- Pathik Desai    |   
East Windsor, New Jersey

As a first-time home buyer, the buying process was very frustrating and confusing. However, I cannot emphasize enough what a relief it was to have Sam involved in this. He went above and beyond his role as mortgage broker, and would explain all the steps to help give me a peace of mind. There were times when I felt that no one involved in the process was helping, but Sam was always there, and he was always willing to help even if it wasn't his job to. It was also very clear that he had a lot of experience in this, and it was really helpful to have him assure me what was normal and what was not normal in the process. THANK YOU Sam!

- Lea Dutta    |   
West New York

SD Capital is awesome!!! We have had an amazing experience with Samir Dedhia - he is extremely professional, very patient, always answered all my questions no matter how many items I asked them for better understanding this otherwise super complicated mortgage process, his turnaround time is awesome. I personally think for us young people who prefer everything quick and electronic, its just the perfect place to be. He is also very competitive in pricing and is always willing to work with your situation offering very good advice. A big thanks to Samir and the team at SD Capital for working with us so well through our mortgage process!!!!

- Mugdha Lakdawala    |   
Montgomery, New Jersey

Before i head off on a rant about the mortgage process in general, i just want to say that WE ARE SO VERY HAPPY with our experience with the entire team at SD Capital Funding. in a process where it feels like everyone is trying (most of the time successfully) to screw you, they made it feel like WE ACTUALLY HAD A FRIEND WATCHING OUR BACK, and that was the most valuable thing for us.

That being said, the mortgage process is rough, invasive, and time consuming. Sam/Jason and the entire staff at SD Capital Funding made this process bearable. in fact, i can only imagine how terrible it would have been if not for the quality of communication between my wife and I, SD Capital Funding in the middle, and the lender. i had no idea what i was doing throughout, and they made the massive amount of information requests understandable and fairly easy to satisfy.

Again, the mortgage process is long, complicated, and stressful.. and rightfully so. but the team at SD Capital Funding made it feel like you at least had someone who had your best interests in mind. a very rare thing in this process we found out, and valuable beyond dollars and costs... thanks guys.

- Dhiman Simran    |   
West New York, New Jersey
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